Maryland Assistive Technology Reuse Center

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About MATR

The Maryland Assistive Technology Reuse Center (MATR for short) is the state's FIRST high-tech AT reuse center! This is a service of The MDTAP Assistive Technology Program.

AT reuse operates completely off donations so that we may provide high-tech AT to other individuals at no cost for as long as they need it with the expectation that it will be re-donated when the user is finished with the device.

Where are we located? 

MATR is its own entity that operates in a space provided to us by the Loan Closet of Howard County located at 7125 Riverwood Drive, Suite D1 Columbia, MD 21046.

How to make an appointment? 

Call Denise Schuler at 443-326-9703 to discuss what AT is available and to set up an appointment to meet and discuss options. You can also send an email to Our hours will vary from week to week so it is best to first call, and we can schedule something!

How to find out what high-tech AT is available? 

We have an online inventory that we will do our best to keep up-to-date with what is available! We rely solely on donations so what is available will depend on what has been received as donations.

What AT do we accept as donations? 

We will accept AT like:

  • CCTVs, video magnifiers, other low vision devices
  • iDevices
  • adapted computer keyboards, mice, and other adaptive computer equipment
  • Speech / Communication devices
  • Switches
  • Mounts     
  • And more! Just call and ask if you are unsure if we will accept something.