AT Low-interest Financial Loan Program

The Assistive Technology Loan Program helps Maryland residents with disabilities and their families qualify for low-interest loans to buy equipment that will help them live, work, and learn more independently.


Program Highlights

  • Low Interest rates

  • Extended repayment terms

  • Lenient lending parameters


Who Can Apply?

Anyone who intends to use the loan to buy assistive technology for a Maryland resident with a disability. That includes people with disabilities, family members, friends, etc.



What To Know

  • All loans facilitated through the AT Financial Loan Program are offered at a discounted interest rate. 

  • There are two ways to be approved: through the lender with a discounted interest rate OR through the ATLP with a discounted interest rate.   

  • All interest rates are subject to change and vary depending on credit worthiness

  • Rates vary based on creditworthiness.

  • Rates will be disclosed at the time of application processing and approval.

  • To determine what interest rate you qualify for, submit your assistive technology application today!

How To Apply?

Complete & submit your ATLP application online 


Download the ATLP Application here and email the completed application, with supporting documents, to mdtap.atlp@maryland.gov.


Will Everyone Be Able To Get A Loan?

No. The program will look at income compared to debt, stability in residence/job, payment history with existing creditors, and financial ability to repay the loan.  Some applicants will be declined, but the program's criteria are much less stringent than those of a bank or other financial institutions, allowing for many applicants to be approved who otherwise would be turned down for a traditional bank loan.

 How Much Can I Borrow?

From $500 to $70,000. 

  • Unsecured AT loans up to $10,000. 
  • Unsecured vehicle and home modification loans up to $20,000. *Other restrictions may also apply.
  • Non-adapted vehicles up to $40,000. *Restrictions Apply.
  • Adapted vehicles up to $70,000. *Restrictions Apply.

What Is The Interest Rate?

All loans have below-market interest rates. Rates remain fixed for the term of the loan.


What Type Of Equipment Can I Buy With These Loans?

A wide variety of assistive technology.  "Assistive Technology" is any device that helps a person with a disability live more independently and productively.  It includes:

  • Home modifications
  • Adapted & non-adapted vehicles
  • Scooters and wheelchairs
  • Braille equipment
  • Hearing and vision aids
  • Augmentative communication devices
  • Environmental control units
  • Computers and adaptive peripherals
  • Many other devices

Money Management & Education

Not sure how your credit will impact your loan application? Need financial advice? CASH Campaign provides free financial classes and coaching.