Consultations, Demonstrations, Device loans


MDTAP provides both in-person and virtual opportunities to meet with our staff, discuss needs, review settings where the technology is needed, and explore AT that can help each person achieve the goal to live, work, and learn more independently.


We provide an opportunity for consumers to try out equipment, hands-on or virtually, and explore a variety of like-devices to see what is most useful. Demonstrations are consumer-driven, meaning that we will never tell a client what device to use, but will rather help that person find the device that is most useful, useable, and comfortable.

Device Loans

Much like the public library for books, we are the public library for assistive technology! AT can be borrowed, free of charge, for up to 4-weeks at a time. Consumers can meet in-person to pick up devices or we can ship directly to a client and provide virtual set-up & instructional support. We encourage consumers to take the devices with them to school, work, and in the community – a true hands-on experience!