Accessible Instructional Materials

The Maryland Library for the Blind and Print Disabled operates the Maryland Accessible Textbooks Program that helps post-secondary students with print disabilities gain access to textbooks in an accessible electronic format. Call the Maryland Library for the Blind and Print Disabled for more information at 410-230-2424. 


Accessible Telephones

The Maryland Accessible Telecommunications (MAT) Program provides telecommunications equipment needed to independently make or receive phone calls including a variety of phones, from amplified handsets to Braille TTY's. MAT will provide a phone assessment, and in some instances, purchase the needed equipment for consumers.


Accessible Websites

Both Maryland's Information Technology Nonvisual Access Regulations (COMAR and the federal Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (36 CFR 1194.22) require that government websites must be accessible to persons with disabilities.  The accessibility standards for Section 508 and Maryland's regulations are very similar. In addition, some designers choose to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from W3C in addition to Section 508 standards.

Aging in Place Specialists

The National Home Builders Association maintains a searchable online directory​ allowing consumers to search for a variety of home professionals including Aging in Place Specialists and Certified Active Adults in Housing Specialists.


AT Certifications

RESNA offers national certification for three specialties. Each certification promotes a standard for recognizing qualifications and validating broad-based knowledge required as the foundation for safe and effective service in the field of assistive technology.

AT Discount Sales & Services, LLC

AT Discount Sales & Services, LLC​, a cooperative buying program that sells many new assistive devices at a discounted price. Discounts are available on thousands of products including Aids for Daily Living, Adapted Access Devices, Software, Seating and Positioning Equipment, Therapy Equipment, iDevice Accessories, Augmentative Communication Devices, Learning Tools, Devices for Visual or Auditory challenges, Caregiver Supplies and more.​

AT Programs Nationwide

Assistive Technology programs in each state.​​ 


Emergency Preparedness

The MDOD and MDTAP believe strongly in the value of being prepared for an emergency. MDTAP maintains an Emergency Preparedness webpage with a variety of information and important links.  


Legal Rights for AT Users

Maryland maintains a number of laws to protect consumers including:

Hearing Aids – Consumer Protections

·         Full text of Maryland Hearing Aid Sales Act (Md. Comm. L. §14-2503

·         Full text of Maryland Hearing Aids and Telephones Provision (Md. Comm. L. §14-25A-01)

Wheelchairs – Consumer Protections

·         Full text of The Motorized Wheelchair Warranty Enforcement Act (Md. Comm. L. §14-2701 - §14-2706)

Maryland Antidiscrimination and Accessibility Laws

·         Full text of Maryland's Anti-Discrimination Law (Maryland State Govt. §20-101-§20-1203)

·         Full text of Maryland Laws for Individuals with Disabilities Md. Human Svcs. §7-101-§7-709)


Medicare Equipment Supplier Directory

Medicare maintains an online Medical Equipment Supplier Directory, an easy-to-use online directory to search for a variety of services in your neighborhood, including identifying vendors of durable medical equipment and medical supplies.


Vehicle Modifications

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association is a non-profit trade association of mobility equipment manufacturers, dealers, driver rehabilitation specialists, and other professionals dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities and assisting with driving independence using wheelchair accessible vehicles. NMEDA maintains a searchable directory of accessible vehicle dealers

​ ​