Community Choice Homes


Community Choice Homes (CCH) provides affordable rental homes in Montgomery County for people with disabilities who have extremely low income.  CCH is the result of a partnership between the Housing Opportunities Commission of Montgomery County (HOC) and the Maryland Department of Disabilities (MDOD). 

Key Facts 

The Program will provide 30 HOC-owned rental units for people with disabilities for a period of 15 years (CCH units). 

  • Participants will pay 30% of their monthly household adjusted income for rent and utilities while living in a CCH unit. This is a project-based affordable housing program and the affordable rents are tied to the CCH units.  The affordable rents will not move with you if you leave a CCH unit.
  • Priority for referral will be given to applicants on MDOD’s Weinberg Apartment waitlist who indicate an interest in living in Montgomery County, have a Montgomery County address at time of referral, and meet CCH program eligibility, income, and referral criteria.
  • Interested persons must be added to the Weinberg Apartment waitlist by their Case Manager utilizing a web-based system on www.Socialserve.com.
  • Participants will be required to enroll on the HOC Housing Path waitlist and to maintain waitlist enrollment requirements. 
  • HOC will verify eligibility, including income and criminal background.
  • Participants must comply with program requirements, including maintaining eligibility for permanent housing assistance, applying for rent subsidies as offered by HOC, completing tenant training, making timely rent and utility payments, and adhering to all lease requirements.
  • Case managers will take the lead in helping participants determine whether the available CCH unit meets the person’s needs, assess the need for reasonable modifications and/or accommodations and make requests for these to HOC, participate in tenant training as conducted by MDOD or its partners, and provide supports for successful tenancy.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Household income at or below 30% of area median income (AMI) with a priority for Household income between 10- 30% AMI. 
  • Income must include cash payment from either SSI or SSDI at the time of initial eligibility determination.  Applicants with suspended eligibility for SSI are also eligible.
  • Adults, age 18 to 62 at the time of leasing.  Participants are able to continue in the program after reaching age 62.
  • Current registration on the HOC Housing Path Waitlist.
  • Lives or works in Montgomery County at the time of referral or lived or worked in Montgomery County within 5 years of referral and currently lives in an institution or group living setting.
  • Criminal background does not include requirement to register on a lifetime sex offence registry or conviction of production of methamphetamine on federally assisted housing.  Criminal background must also meet other HOC eligibility requirements.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to participate in long term supportive services that meet their individual needs.  Participation in supportive services is not a requirement of tenancy.

Unit Availability

If you are a person with a disability seeking assistance, contact your case manager, support planner, resource coordinator, coordinator of community service or community health worker to complete the pre-screening and application for you.