Community Living

In-Home Supports and Services

18 Years of Age or Older

Below is a list of resources that provide services and supports to individuals with disabilities 18 and over. 

Centers for Independent Living  (CILs) are nonresidential private nonprofit agencies designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities to provide five core services which include:

  • information and referral
  • independent living skills training
  • peer support
  • individual and systems advocacy
  • youth and nursing facility transition

Some CILs have programs that serve teens and young adults. Click here to find your local CIL​​. 

In‐Home Aide Services is administered by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and supports adults 18 or older with functional disabilities who need assistance with activities of daily living in their home. The program also serves vulnerable adults with no caregiver, those at risk of institutional  placement, and those at risk of abuse or neglect. In‐Home Aides provide help with personal care,  transportation/escort, training in self‐care and care‐giving skills, and also perform minor household  chores. For more information, contact your local Department of Social Services or call the In‐H​ome Aide Services​ program at DHR at 1‐800‐332‐6347 or TTY 1‐800‐925‐4434. 

Community Options Waiver Program (previously the Living at Home Waiver and Waiver for Older Adults) is administered by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) and provides assistance to Medicaid recipients who are 18 years of age or older and have a chronic illness, medical condition or disability. Waiver participants are also eligible to receive Medicaid services (see CFC Program) as well as additional services offered under the waiver which include: assisted living, medical day care, family training, Senior Center Plus, nutritionist services and behavioral consultation. The Community Options Waiver Program is not accepting any more community applicants at this time, but the MDH developed a service registry for those interested which can be reached at 1‐866‐417‐3480. If you reside in a skilled nursing facility, please call Medicaid’s Long Term Care and Waiver Services at: 410‐767‐1739 or 1‐877‐463‐3464 or for MD Relay Service 1‐800‐735‐2258. Visit the Maryland Department of Health's website for more information. 

The Waiver for Adults with Brain Injury serves individuals ages 18‐64 who have acquired a traumatic  brain injury after age 17 and is administered by the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) under the  Maryland Department of Health. The waiver is available to those who are inpatients at  qualifying facilities and who meet financial and medical criteria. Services provided include: residential  and day habilitation, supported employment, individual support services, case management and medical day care. For more information, contact the BHA at 410‐402‐8476 or for MD Relay Service 1‐800‐735‐ 2258 or visit the BHA’s website

Project Home is administered by the Department of Human Resources. Based on the adult foster care  model, it provides a protective living environment in a homelike setting for adults with disabilities. In  addition to intensive case management by a social worker, services provided to residents include: room  and board, assistance with activities of daily living, recreational and social activities, medication  monitoring, transportation to medical appointments and supervision. For more information, contact  your local Department of Social Services or click here for a fact sheet and a list of the local offices