2020 Disability Legislation​

This listing does not indicate support or non support of legislation by the department or administration.  This is a partial listing of bills and is not exhaustive of all possible disability related legislation proposed during session.  Click here for a full listing of legislative bills​.

  • ADA/Accessibility
  • Community Living
  • Education
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Employment
  • Legal/Family Law
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation


HB0010/SB0044 - Public Buildings - Changing Facilities for Adult Diapers

  • Requiring, except under certain circumstances, that a diaper-changing facility suitable for changing the diaper of an adult be installed in newly constructed public buildings or public restrooms, or in a public restroom that undergoes substantial renovation, after October 1, 2020.

SB0056Election Law - Petitions and Ballot Questions - Plain Language Requirement
  • Requiring that the signature page of a petition seeking to place a question on the ballot provide, under certain circumstances, certain information in plain language reasonably calculated to be understood by an individual who has attained no higher than a grade 6 level of reading comprehension

SB0083 - State Government - Delivery of Notices and Communications by Electronic Means
  • Authorizing a unit of State government to deliver certain notices and communications to a certain individual by electronic means if the individual has consented to receive such notices or communications from the unit;
Community Living

 HB0026 - Attendance of Students - Lawful Absences - Mental Illness
  • Bill imposes a local government mandate which is a directive in a bill requiring a local government unit to perform a task or assume a responsibility that has a discernible fiscal impact on the local government unit

SB0133 - High School Students Graduation and attendance Credit for Vocational Training
  • Authorizing a county board of education to award credit to a high school student toward a high school diploma or a postsecondary credential, or both, for one vocational course per semester in a career and technical education program approved by the county board;
Emergency Preparedness
HB0006/SB0061 - Public Safety 9-1-1 Fees - Audits
  • Requiring the Comptroller, in consultation with the Emergency Number Systems Board, rather than the Board, to adopt procedures for certain auditing surcharge collection and remittance;

SB0080 - Maryland Intrastate Emergency Management Assistance Compact

SB0081 - State Government - Emergency Management - Continuity Planning
  • Requiring certain principal departments of the Executive Branch to develop, annually update, and submit to the Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) certain continuity of operations plans;


​Legal/Family Law
​HB042/SB0067 - Public Information Act - Applications for Inspections Response and Time Limits
  • Decreasing the time periods within which a custodian is required to grant or deny a certain application to inspect a public record and produce a public record in response to an approved application;
​HB0018 - State Operating Budge - Publication of Expenditures
  • Requiring a public body to submit to the Department of Budget and Management a report of each expenditure by the public body.


Public Safety