Brave in the Attempt 2018


June 6, 2018 - Towson University


Alicia is a Special Olympics World Games athlete from Anne Arundel County.  She has competed in cycling, swimming, martial arts, roller blading, horseback riding, skiing and participated on the dance and cheerleading teams.  Most recently, she joined the Annapolis dance team, RhythmXpress.  Alicia currently works as a Teaching Assistant at a local elementary school. Her goal is to travel the country and maybe the world sharing her story. Alicia wants to thank her family, friends, teammates, and students.



Billy lives in Carroll County and receives support from Change, Inc.  He describes himself as an outgoing, full of life and hardworking young man.  He loves spending time with his girlfriend, family, and friends. With the advocacy group he founded, Billy spoke to drivers with Carroll Transit Systems about how best to interact with people who have disabilities.  He also went to Annapolis and coordinated a group to speak with the Maryland State Police.  He is looking forward to the opportunity to share his story and motivate others to live their best life.  He would like to thank his friends from Voices of Change, Maggie, his parents, and Tonya.




Bobby lives in Baltimore County and receives support from Penn-Mar Human Services. He graduated from Hereford High School in 2015 and reports that he really loved high school. His favorite thing to do is draw superheroes and comic book pages. He also loves going to Regal Cinemas to see new movies and loves to dance.  Bobby wants to thank Allison, Andrew, and Kayla for all their support!



Conor has been a Special Olympics athlete for over six years playing basketball, softball, bowling, and soccer.  Conor notes he also enjoys extreme sports such as jumping out of planes, going parasailing, and doing the polar bear plunge. Conor has been employed for the National Institutes of Health for seven years and was recently promoted to being an office clerk. Last fall, Conor was thrilled to meet one of his heroes, Tim Schriver.  He hopes to be a role model for others in the same way through Brave in the Attempt.   Conor wants to thank all of his coaches along the way who have given him the confidence he needs to motivate others.



David is a Special Olympics athlete from Montgomery County.  He participates in swimming, snowshoeing, sailing, cycling, and dancing.  David gives back to his community through his volunteer work with older adults who live in retirement homes.  He enjoys bringing a smile to those who are facing difficult circumstances. David is excited to participate in this year's Brave in the Attempt event.  He wants to remind everyone that no matter what disability we have, we can, and we will always overcome difficulties.  He reminds all of us to do our best at all times.  David wants to thank his mother for helping make his dreams come true including making the decision to come to the United States in search of a better future!



Elaina is a Specia Olympics athlete from Anne Arundel0 County.  She has been an athlete for over 21 years competing in swimming, 10-pin bowling, golf, snowshoeing, kayaking, basketball, and soccer. She went to the 2014 Special Olympics National games for swimming.  Elaina works walking dogs and wants to go back to school to study coding in the health profession.  She serves on the Athlete Congress and is a Health Messenger for Special Olympics. Elaina wants to thank her Dad for inspiring her healthy lifestyle.  She also wants to thank her mom for always being there. 



Jake is from Montgomery County and has trained more than 1,300 law enforcement officers about succeeding with Autism. He has been honored at the White House and participated in a panel discussion on Bridging Law Enforcement and the Community.  He was also awarded a Governor's Citation for advocacy from Governor Hogan, spoken to college classes, provided speeches at Autism events on the National Mall, lobbied the Capitol, advocated at the Maryland State House, presented motivational speeches to churches, and has appeared on live television shows about his "super powers".  Jake also assists at his school by helping make the school safer.  Jake would like to thank his mom and his dad.  He would also like to thank Officer Laurie and Officer Tara.



Lorraine lives in Prince Georges County and receives support from Maryland Community Connections (MCC).  MCC provided employment support for her to get her first job at Risen Generation's Childcare Center. Lorraine lives in Bowie, Maryland with her sister Jackie and two nieces Shanta and Pryia. Lorraine notes she is a very dedicated worker and loves her job. She also enjoys spending time with her family and going out to have fun on the town. Bowling is one of Lorraine's favorite things to do; she is proud to note she even has a bowling ball with her name on it.  Lorraine wants to thank Angela, Deborah, Andre, and Kim for helping make this possible! 



Joe graduated from Hereford High School in 2014 with a 3.8 GPA. He loves to listen to electronic dance music, draw, and spend time learning new things. He has lots of friends and loves to entertain people.  Joe receives support from Penn-Mar Human Services.  He is really looking forward to telling others his story and how he is transforming every day.  Joe wants to thank his Aunt and Uncle for all their support.  Shout out to his dogs, Lady and Mystery!



Luke is a Senior in the Multi-Media and Graphic Design Program at Washington County Technical High School. He is a Unified Sports athlete through his home school, North Hagerstown High School.  During his sophomore year, Luke participated in a short-term mentorship with High Rock Studios who had Luke storyboard a project featuring his sock puppet "Ock".  This project culminated into a 10-minute short film, which was shown in a local theater.  Luke enjoys writing and illustrating cartoons, calendars and note cards based upon his original characters:  The Crazy Gourds, Al Dente, and Ock.  Luke plans to enroll in Hagerstown Community College's Simulation and Digital Entertainment program in the Fall of 2018.


Macena lives in Montgomery County, Maryland.  She enjoys performing with her band called Profusion as the keyboardist. She also enjoys gardening and writing. Her goal is to have her writing published. Macena is currently putting together a website about her life and experiences to help other families and children with disabilities.  Macena looks forward to telling her story at Brave in the Attempt 2018.  Macena would like to thank SEEC, especially Brooke and Ricardo for their support!