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Housing Rights for People with Disabilities

People with disabilities who want to buy or rent a home are protected against discrimination by the federal Fair Housing Act. - People with disabilities receiving assistance through government-operated housing programs are also protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act​ 

​Maryland also prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in housing. See State Government Article 20-701- 20-710 and COMAR Some local governments have also passed anti-discrimination laws; check with your local government.

Housing Rights Resources

  • Apartment and Condo Fair Housing Toolkit – resource from the Equal Rights Center 
  • Disability Housing Rights – information from the USDepartment of Housing and Urban Development 
  • ​Fair Housing Accessibility First – federal website offering technical ​guidance on Fair Housing Act standards
  • Landlord Introduction Packet - an information packet from Baltimore Neighbrhoods, Inc. that informs landlords about their legal responsibilities
  • Reasonable Accommodations under the Fair Housing Act –joint statement from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Department of Justice 
  • Rules for Tenants in Public and Subsidized Housing - overview of rights from the Maryland People’s Law Library
  • ​Tenant Introduction Packet - an information packet from Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc. that includes information on local, state and federal law governing Tenant-Landlord relations. 
  • Welcoming People with Disabilities - a sensitivity and awareness guide for property managers and landlords by the Baltimore County Commission on Disabilities.

If you feel you have experienced housing discrimination or have legal questions, you can contact: 

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