Community Living Programs

Centers for Independent Living Technical Assistance (CIL-TA) Project​

A technical assistance project to benefit MD's seven Centers for Independent Living​ (CILs) for the purpose of enhancing the state's Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs). The ADRCs are one-stop shops where older adults and people with disabilities can find information on and access long term services and supports within their communities. 

Community First Choice Self-Direction (CFC SD) Training Program

A training program for Community First Choice (CFC) participants who are interested in or want more information about self-directing their personal assistance services. Trainings ​cover topics such as how to recruit, interview, hire, supervise and dismiss personal assistance providers as well as providing additional information on being an effective employer, emergency preparedness and creating a back-up plan. Participants are referred to the CFC SD Training Program through their Supports Planner. For more information on the program, contact Nathan Bradley, Program Manager at 410-767-3713 or  ​

Money Follows the Person (MFP) Peer Outreach and Support Program

A peer outreach and support efforts to individuals residing in nursing facilities who want more information about living in the community. The peers are individuals with disabilities who have personal experience with the transition process or are currently receiving community supports. They visit nursing facilities regularly, get to know residents by participating in group activities and educate them about their options for long term services and supports. For more information, contact Nathan Bradley at 410-767-3713 or ​