2019 Disability Legislation​

This listing does not indicate support or non support of legislation by the department or administration.  This is a partial listing of bills and is not exhaustive of all possible disability related legislation proposed during session.   Click here for a full listing of legislative bills​.

  • ADA/Accessibility
  • Community Living
  • Education
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation


Community Living

Emergency Preparedness



SB28 - Health Insurance - Coverage Requirements for Behavioral Health Disorders

  • Altering the definition of "health benefit plan".

SB71 - Juvenile Law - Intake Procedures

  • Extending the period of time, from within 25 days to within 30 days of receiving a complaint, during which a juvenile intake officer, in considering a certain complaint involving a child, is required to make a certain inquiry and is authorized to take certain actions

HB47 - Maryland School Based Health Center Standards - Revision

  • Requiring the State Department of Education and the Maryland Department of Health to revise the Maryland School-Based Health Center Standards

SB77 - Estates and Trusts - Protections of Minors and Disabled Person

  • Altering the jurisdiction of the orphans' courts and circuit courts over certain guardians of the person and guardians of the property


​Public Safety


SB14  Vehicle Laws - Personal Electric Transportation Devices- Definitions

  • Altering the definition of "electric personal assistive mobility device".